Ausstellung Dortmund CACIB (D) 15.10.2016

Jebisu Jumane Joe vom Rosendahl

Katalognr: 1439
Bewertung: Platz1
Klasse: Veteranen
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Anwartschaft: VDH/VND-Ch-A, Herbst-Veteranensieger
Bericht: 9,5 years old, adult male, good type, masculine head, correct body-balance, for the age acceptable topline, correct volume, well angulated in front and rear for the breed, right typ of expr. and temp., enough movement for age, correct coat.

Darth Vader vom Versetal

Katalognr: 1442
Bewertung: V2
Klasse: Champion
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Anwartschaft: VDH-R-Ch-A, CAC-R, CACIB-R
Bericht: 4 years, adult male, masc, nice breadtyp, strong head and neck, good toppline for breed, good bodyconstruction, nice bone, right angulation front and rear, enough temp. at the movement, would like to see more parallel, behind a little bit close.

Beyond Dreams Midnight Bear

Katalognr: 1454
Bewertung: vv1
Klasse: Jüngsten
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Bericht: 8 month, young female, cery open in mature, femine breed type head, good size, neck and topline, enough body and volume for age, right angulation in front, a bit straight in rear, accept temp., free mover, enough elastic.

Bydands White Native American Delia

Katalognr: 1460
Bewertung: V3
Klasse: Jugend
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Bericht: 16 months, young female, femine bread type of head, a bit ? eyes, not good for expr., nice strong neck, correct topline, enough volume, should have more ?, well angulated in front and rear, nice tempermament, the front could be more parallel.

Nandobears I Am Sexy And I Know It

Katalognr: 1461
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Jugend
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Anwartschaft: VDH/VND-Jgd-Ch-A, bester Jugendhund, Herbstjugendsieger
Bericht: 9 months nice right type of female, nice expression, very size of neck, strong topline, accepl. Volume for the young, perfect nice well angulated in front and rear, nice balance of body, can has little better temperament, free movement.

Neska Politas Handsome Georgia

Katalognr: 1474
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Offene
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Anwartschaft: VDH-Ch-A, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Herbstsieger
Bericht: 2,5 years female, nice fem. head, nice expr., eyelids can be more tight, nice strong neck, correct topline, perfect volume with nice bone, right angulation in front and rear, right temp., enough free movements.

A Butterfly Child uit het Berenbos

Katalognr: 1475
Bewertung: V4
Klasse: Offene
Richter: Ozan Belkis (TR)
Bericht: 3.5 year breed type bitch, eyes deepset, want to see more neck,for breed correct topline.Volume female, enough compact,right anqulation in front and rear. Enough temperament, should has more working energy, the movement should be more soundly.