Ausstellung Dorio CIT Specialty (I) 07.10.2017

Darth Vader vom Versetal

Katalognr: 12
Bewertung: vorzüglich
Klasse: Offene
Richter: Nancy Liebes (USA)
Bericht: exc. overall proportions, exc. shape, good coat, very wide between the shoulders, very broad skull, deep and broad muzzle, pretty eye, close going away, toes in slightly, when he is coming free moving, going narrow

New Beothuks Limited Edition

Katalognr: 24
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Champion
Richter: Nancy Liebes (USA)
Anwartschaft: BOB
Bericht: Exc. overall in neck + shape, very nice outlines, exc. broad head, exc. front angulation, exc. forelegs and forechest, exc. ribing, good length of ribcage, exc. loin, exc. bone + feet, too much scissoring for me, beautiful free moving.