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Clubshow Pottendorf (A), 2016/10/09

Catalog No: 6
Rating: V3
Class: Offene
Judge: Anne Springthorpe (GB)

Clubshow Kravare (CZ), 2016/09/17

Catalog No: 6
Rating: fehlt
Class: Offene
Judge: Andras Polgar (CZ)

Jelenia Gora CAC (PL), 2016/06/26

Catalog No: 227
Rating: V1
Class: Offene
Judge: Jaroslaw Grunt (PL)
Anwartschaft: CWC

Fedcup Hradec nad Moravici (CZ), 2016/05/28

Catalog No: 19
Rating: vorzüglich
Class: Offene
Judge: Michael Forte (IRL)
Written critics: good bone, weak in topline a little, good head balance, good strong skull, good low hock, well handled, tail carriege could be lower.

Moszna Club Show (PL), 2016/04/23

Catalog No: 12
Rating: V1
Class: Zwischen
Judge: Victor Lobakin (AZ)
Anwartschaft: CWC
Written critics:

Swiebodzice CAC (PL), 2015/12/06

Catalog No: 424
Rating: V1
Class: Zwischen
Judge: Boguslaw Chmiel (PL)
Anwartschaft: CWC, Best Male

Mohelnice Specialty (CZ), 2015/09/27

Catalog No: 7
Rating: V3
Class: Zwischen
Judge: Nemanja Jovanovic (SRB)
Written critics: Correct type, bit long, masculine head, could be shorter in muzzle, excellent neck and chest, short upper arm, well angulated rear, steep in croup, good coat, needs better front movement korektní typ, trochu dlouhý, samčí hlava, mohl by mít kratší mordu, výborný krk a hruď, kratší předloktí, dobré úhlení končetin, strmá záď, dobrá srst, potřebuje lepší přední pohyb

Clubshow Mohelnice (CZ), 2015/09/26

Catalog No: 4
Rating: V3
Class: Jugend
Judge: Sergej Vanzha (SK)
Written critics: 16 měsíční, středně vysoký, dobrá kostra, dobrý formát, pěkná hlava, trošku zatáhnutý stop, dobrý úhel pysků, elegantní krk, korektní horní linie, výborně zaúhlený, trochu volnější lokty, dobrý hrudník, dobrý pohyb

Clubshow Prag-Dzban (CZ), 2015/09/05

Catalog No: 5
Rating: V1
Class: Jugend
Judge: Maria Amélia Taborda (PORT)
Anwartschaft: CAC-Jgd, Best Junior
Written critics: Big size, a little big long in loins, very masculine head, with good skull and muzzle ratio, prefarably more straight muzzle bridge and less open lower lips, good ears, very attentive expression, a little bit top softline, strong croup and typical, good tail, good boned, good both angulation, summer coat, excellent side movement, because he is long he turns the hands a little bit inside in movement, but he has the correct movement in rear. Very strong muzzle, overal in limit.

Lublin CAC (PL), 2015/07/19

Catalog No: 170
Rating: V1
Class: Jugend
Judge: Sebastian Harnik (PL)
Anwartschaft: Goldmedaille, Best Junior, Juniorwinner

Jelenia Gora CAC (PL), 2015/06/14

Catalog No: 229
Rating: V1
Class: Jugend
Judge: Waldemar Mrowiec (PL)
Anwartschaft: Goldmedaille, Best Junior, Juniorwinner

Clubshow Kajlovec (CZ), 2015/05/01

Catalog No: 3
Rating: V3
Class: Jugend
Judge: Miroslav Vaclavik (CZ)

Clubshow Opole (PL), 2015/04/25

Catalog No: 2
Rating: V1
Class: Jugend
Judge: Birgitte Gothen (DK)
Anwartschaft: Club Junior Winner
Written critics: Good size and type. Masculine head, eyes abowe, correct ears and bite. Good bone and front, good chest, promissing body, good topline, very good mover, good coat.

Clubshow Kamenny Mlyn (SK), 2015/04/18

Catalog No: 4
Rating: V2
Class: Jugend
Judge: Jaroslav Matyas (SK)

Brünn CAC (CZ), 2015/01/03

Catalog No: 1
Rating: vv1
Class: Jüngsten
Judge: Vladimir Piskay (SK)

Clubshow Kajlovec (CZ), 2014/09/27

Catalog No: 2
Rating: vv2
Class: Baby
Judge: Tatjana Bilbija-Lalicevic (BIH)
Written critics: Beautiful type, correct topline, correct angulation in the front and in the back, good long tail, correct movement.

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