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Zwinger Lewis (GB)

60 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Agro of Kenstaff09.11.1976H  
Atlantic Care Bear18.06.1994R  
Bay Belle27.10.1994H  
Black Cygnet of Kenstaff09.11.1976H  
Black Friend of Shaka09.11.1976H  
Black Stag18.06.1994R  
Bombers Blunder03.02.1998R  
Bonny Harliqen of Highlands09.11.1976H  
Boy Nymth18.12.1994R  
Boy Wonder of Boston18.12.1994R  
Bright Glow18.12.1994R  
Captain Llewellyn00.00.0000R  
Careless Claudia10.06.1997H  
Chip of The Block07.08.1997R  
Cotswold Duke00.00.0000R  
Darling Harmony17.02.1995H  
Deadly Beauty17.02.1995H  
Debbs Delight09.11.1976H  
Dixies Delight03.02.1998H  
Dizzy Shades of Black17.06.1988H  
Dream of The Night08.12.1994H  
Fortline Lad Officer27.10.1994R  
Gander Shoreline Trooper27.10.1994R  
Georgies Jester07.08.1997R  
Glowhte Magpie18.12.1994R  
Great Miquelon27.10.1994R  
Happy Sailor17.02.1995R  
High Forces Son18.12.1994R  
Holly Folly07.08.1997H  
Honest´N Lucky17.02.1995R  
Hot T-Trot07.08.1997H  
Hurrical Higgins10.06.1997R  
Katrina In White Bay27.10.1994H  
Key Hole Kate03.02.1998H  
Lady of Conni River07.08.1997H  
Lark In The Sky18.12.1994H  
Laurel Maiden of East Fern10.06.1997H  
Lawrence at The Gulf27.10.1994R  
Liverpools Water Jet18.12.1994R  
Lookout of The Lakes18.06.1994H  
Lord Hogan Black Piper17.06.1988R  
Maybe Grace Darling18.06.1994H  
Midnight Mistress of Polfry07.08.1997H  
Neptunes Fogo27.10.1994R  
Nightinggale Melody08.12.1994H  
Pompie II00.00.0000R  
Private Racer of Seashore27.10.1994R  
Prospect Seeker17.02.1995R  
Prudent Pressilla10.06.1997H  
Rock N Dolly03.02.1998H  
Royal Rumpus03.02.1998R  
Runner of The Sea Shore18.06.1994R  
Rythm of The Waves18.06.1994H  
Sheena at Notradame27.10.1994H  
Sir Waller00.00.0000R  
Sleepy Willow08.12.1994H  
Sweet Lady of The Sea18.12.1994H  
Teddy Boy Bright18.12.1994R  
Thrush of The Dawn08.12.1994H  
Water Lily of The Lake08.12.1994H  

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