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Zwinger Jalynn (CAN)

390 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Jalynns Abby Road02.01.1992H  
Jalynns Addition To Coupe24.04.2011H  
Jalynns After Midnight07.01.1992R  
Jalynns Alcyone Stardust Annie18.12.2012H  
Jalynns All About Ozzy09.01.2011R  
Jalynns All Bets Are Off22.07.2010H  
Jalynns All In at Heirloom05.05.2014H  
Jalynns All In The Family21.07.2003R  
Jalynns Allstar MVP03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Amazing Gracie07.11.2007H  
Jalynns American Pie Traynor05.05.2014R  
Jalynns American Woman26.01.2001H  
Jalynns Ancient Mariner28.11.2013R  
Jalynns Annies Me Nanny30.01.1998H  
Jalynns Anniversary Waltz02.08.2000H  
Jalynns Ashmoor Royal Heirloom25.03.2016R  
Jalynns Baloo The Barenecesity30.01.1998R  
Jalynns Barclay Sound06.06.2006R  
Jalynns Bear Necessities20.10.1993R  
Jalynns Beautiful Ruby23.11.2013H  
Jalynns Believe It Or Not04.01.2010H  
Jalynns Bella for Brooklyn23.12.2007H  
Jalynns Ben20.10.1993R  
Jalynns Bennys Maggie24.04.2011H  
Jalynns Benson In The City20.04.2005R  
Jalynns Best Panda Beary N´Lot22.12.2002H  
Jalynns Bette Davis Eyes15.03.1994H  
Jalynns Big City Boy04.01.2010R  
Jalynns Big Town Boy11.06.1995R  
Jalynns Bill Baileys Home01.02.2001R  
Jalynns Black As Coal08.03.2007R  
Jalynns Black Velvet Band08.02.1997R  
Jalynns Blackjack22.12.2002R  
Jalynns Blackpearl Marithyme07.12.2003H  
Jalynns Blue Bayou21.02.1991R  
Jalynns Blue Danube Waltz21.02.1991R  
Jalynns Blue On Blue23.11.2013H  
Jalynns Blue Velvet21.02.1991R  
Jalynns Bonavista Princess08.11.2004H  
Jalynns Bonavistas Buccaneer22.07.2010R  
Jalynns Born To Be Wild28.11.1998R  
Jalynns Bound for Honour23.12.2007R  
Jalynns Bound for Lunenburg14.11.2000R  
Jalynns Boys Best Friend22.12.2002R  
Jalynns Boys Protector03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Branwyn at Vespersown16.03.2002H  
Jalynns Brewed In New Brunswick14.11.2000R  
Jalynns Broken Arrow07.01.1992R  
Jalynns Buddy Boy O´Connor22.12.2002R  
Jalynns Cabot Trails19.03.2000H  
Jalynns Canadian Chief07.12.2003R  
Jalynns Captain Jack07.11.2007R  
Jalynns Captain Morgan09.06.2008R  
Jalynns Captain of The Buoys15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Cardinal Point19.11.1998R
Jalynns Carry The Sky26.11.2014R  
Jalynns Catch The Magic06.06.2006H  
Jalynns Cauldron Queen08.11.2005H  
Jalynns Cause Markof Z at Summerford02.03.1998R  
Jalynns Cause To Pause13.08.1998R  
Jalynns Charley Angel30.07.2015H  
Jalynns Chasing Liberty07.12.2003H  
Jalynns Chatterbox at Brulin04.11.1999H  
Jalynns Chewbacca18.08.1999R  
Jalynns Chewbacca Falcone26.12.2009H  
Jalynns Chieftain of Hastings30.09.2001R  
Jalynns Childrens Treasure09.06.2008R  
Jalynns Clemente 21 Isabal09.02.2005H  
Jalynns Coffeycove Montague11.04.2007R  
Jalynns Colonel Custer31.10.2005R  
Jalynns Colonel Montgomery23.12.2007R  
Jalynns Come By Chance at Milo05.05.2014H  
Jalynns Crafted for Blackstorm13.12.2007R  
Jalynns Crafted for Blackstorm12.12.2007R  
Jalynns Crafted To Last12.12.2007H  
Jalynns Daisymae Summer Justice19.06.2001H  
Jalynns Dark Star30.10.1992R  
Jalynns Daughter of The Night05.05.2014H  
Jalynns de Janeiro Boy12.06.2009R  
Jalynns Deere Dozer23.12.2007R  
Jalynns Deja Vu15.06.2008H  
Jalynns Destiny Apollo Creemore19.06.2001R  
Jalynns Double Bubble23.04.2006H  
Jalynns Dribble Is My Business28.11.1998R  
Jalynns Driving Ms. Daisy23.12.2007H  
Jalynns Dust In The Wind30.10.1992H  
Jalynns Dutchess of Dufferin19.11.1998H  
Jalynns Ebony And Ivory07.01.1992H  
Jalynns Everlasting Tuck07.12.2003R  
Jalynns Family Affair11.06.1995H  
Jalynns Family Man14.11.2000R  
Jalynns Fenway Park23.04.2006R  
Jalynns Finnegans Rainbow18.12.2012R  
Jalynns First Responder28.11.2013R  
Jalynns Fly Like An Eagle06.06.2006H  
Jalynns Forever Lucy28.08.2011H  
Jalynns Forever Maggie08.03.2007H  
Jalynns Fortunate Son11.06.1995R  
Jalynns Fought The Battle26.11.2014R  
Jalynns Four Move Checkmate11.04.2013R  
Jalynns Foxy McEwen04.01.2010H  
Jalynns Foxy Roxy26.12.2009H  
Jalynns French Connection18.08.1999R  
Jalynns Fresh Prince30.07.2015R  
Jalynns Freya Tempranillo30.07.2015H  
Jalynns Georg´N Triangles Pride26.01.2001R  
Jalynns Girls Best Friend12.06.2009H  
Jalynns Girls Best Man II11.04.2013R  
Jalynns Glory Days20.10.1993R  
Jalynns Good for What Ails Ya08.11.2005R  
Jalynns Good Thing20.10.1993R  
Jalynns Gorgeous Georgie24.04.2011H  
Jalynns Grand Slam Gehrig23.04.2006R  
Jalynns Guards Charge15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Guiness Xtra Scout12.12.2007H  
Jalynns Guinness Foreign Extra11.04.2013R  
Jalynns Hand Crafted12.12.2007R  
Jalynns Happily Ever After09.05.2014R  
Jalynns Harbour Mist at Milos28.11.2013H  
Jalynns Hayley Rose19.03.2000H  
Jalynns Heading for The Beach03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Hearthstone Cinder18.12.2012R  
Jalynns He´s So Fine15.03.1994R  
Jalynns High Sierra08.11.2004R  
Jalynns Hold On Anellie22.07.2010H  
Jalynns Honey Pie20.10.1993H  
Jalynns Hope Makes Me Smile15.10.2006H  
Jalynns Hot Rod Lincoln05.05.1993R  
Jalynns How Do I Love Lucy22.07.2010H  
Jalynns Hudson River Boy19.11.1998R  
Jalynns Humphrey B Mine01.02.2001R  
Jalynns I Got You Babe20.10.1993H  
Jalynns I Love Lucy20.04.2005H  
Jalynns In The Midnight Hour20.10.1993R  
Jalynns In Touch With Argo11.04.2013R  
Jalynns Incagold at Vespersown07.12.2003H  
Jalynns Indiana Scout05.11.2004R  
Jalynns Ink Spot22.12.2002R  
Jalynns Inquisitive Rufus12.06.2009R  
Jalynns Intuition07.01.1992R  
Jalynns Island Fellow23.12.2007R  
Jalynns It Coulda Been You18.12.2012H  
Jalynns Ivy Grows at Summerford30.01.1998H  
Jalynns I´m A Country Boy16.03.2002R  
Jalynns J Edgar08.03.2007R  
Jalynns Jackie Blue06.06.2006H  
Jalynns Jedi Commander19.03.2000R  
Jalynns Jewel In The Rough30.01.1998H  
Jalynns Jolie at Street Spirit05.05.2014H  
Jalynns Joxer The Mighty04.11.1999R  
Jalynns Joy To The World06.02.1996R  
Jalynns Just A Devil Woman09.05.2014H  
Jalynns Just Kruzin´28.11.2013R  
Jalynns Justice Is My Destiny19.06.2001R  
Jalynns Kate of Clan MacDonald09.06.2008H  
Jalynns Keep The Koopa09.05.2014R  
Jalynns Kiss Me Kate26.01.2001H  
Jalynns Knight On Broatway15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Kokanee River26.12.2009H  
Jalynns Lady Annabella18.12.2012H  
Jalynns Lady Lonnie19.03.2000H  
Jalynns Law And Order13.08.1998R  
Jalynns Legend of Bear Child24.04.2011H  
Jalynns Legend of Kobee19.12.2002R  
Jalynns Lilly In The Valley23.04.2006H  
Jalynns Limited Edition01.02.2001H  
Jalynns Little Bity Pretty I30.10.1992H  
Jalynns Little Darling07.01.1992H
Jalynns Little White Dove20.07.1993H  
Jalynns LL Cool MMM23.12.2007R  
Jalynns Lola Lady of Jack Lake26.12.2009H  
Jalynns Lord A Tunderin I Am02.04.2010R  
Jalynns Lord Loki Folkvar28.08.2011R  
Jalynns Lord Nelsons Bos´N19.11.1998R  
Jalynns Lord of The Rings03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Love Power23.12.2007R  
Jalynns Lucy In The Sky07.11.2007H  
Jalynns Lytenyng at Vespersown01.02.2001R  
Jalynns L´Anse aux Meadow RF19.03.2000H  
Jalynns Ma Belle Amie11.11.1994H  
Jalynns Maggie14.11.2000H  
Jalynns Maggie Mae02.08.2000H  
Jalynns Maggie Muggins06.06.2006H  
Jalynns Maggie of Old Glenora03.08.2000H  
Jalynns Magic Touch06.06.2006R  
Jalynns Maid In The Shade05.05.2014H  
Jalynns Mandy30.10.1992H  
Jalynns Marquee of Twin Huey19.11.1998R  
Jalynns Max Tee Bear11.04.2007R  
Jalynns Maximum Max20.06.2009R  
Jalynns Maxwell Silver Hammer30.07.2015H  
Jalynns Me And My Shadow18.12.2012H  
Jalynns Meant To Be at Summerford04.02.1997H  
Jalynns Memories of Hawaii09.01.2011H  
Jalynns Midnight Blue21.02.1991R  
Jalynns Minnie Tess04.05.2012H  
Jalynns Mishas Kiss12.06.2009H  
Jalynns Mister McPherson04.05.2012R  
Jalynns Mister Personality20.04.2005R  
Jalynns Mockingbird Hill07.11.2007R  
Jalynns Moment of Glory07.01.1992R
Jalynns Money for Within19.12.2002H  
Jalynns Moondance On Blackstrap16.12.2016H  
Jalynns More27.07.1996H  
Jalynns More Than A Feeling27.07.1996H  
Jalynns More Than Words24.09.1994H  
Jalynns Mr. Personality19.03.2000R  
Jalynns MS Goody Two Shoes07.12.2003H  
Jalynns Ms. Mable at Far Hills30.09.2001H  
Jalynns Ms. Martha at Far Hills14.11.2000H  
Jalynns Ms. Winnie of Avefairfax30.09.2001H  
Jalynns Murphys Law06.06.2006R  
Jalynns Music of The Night08.02.1997R  
Jalynns MVP09.06.2008R  
Jalynns My Darling Clementine20.04.2005H  
Jalynns My Starboard Man19.11.1998R  
Jalynns M´Lady Sadie07.12.2003H  
Jalynns Nami Personfied09.06.2008H  
Jalynns Nautical Blue Le Beau11.04.2007R  
Jalynns Nautical Miles28.11.2013R  
Jalynns Nellies Peggy Sue18.12.2012H  
Jalynns New Attitude19.12.2002H  
Jalynns New Years Celebration02.01.2003H  
Jalynns New Years Emma Otter19.12.2002H  
Jalynns New Years Eve Bells02.01.2003H  
Jalynns New Years Revelry02.01.2003R  
Jalynns Newfie Thunder28.08.2011R  
Jalynns Nights of Thunder06.02.1996R  
Jalynns Nobody Does It Better14.07.1994R  
Jalynns Northern Tundra04.12.2003R  
Jalynns Nuyr Maritime Schooner19.12.2002R  
Jalynns Obediahs Playmate08.11.2004R  
Jalynns Ocean Thunder24.09.1994R  
Jalynns Odins Theme09.01.2011R  
Jalynns Oreo Cream15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Orient Express15.10.2006H  
Jalynns Original Mack Tracks22.12.2002R  
Jalynns Our Gaelic Girl19.11.1998H  
Jalynns Our Little Lulu04.01.2010H  
Jalynns Our Wee Pooh Bear11.04.2013H  
Jalynns Out of A Perfect Storm09.05.2014H  
Jalynns Outward Bound18.08.1999R  
Jalynns Paddington Bear19.06.2001R  
Jalynns Paddling Madeline04.01.2010H  
Jalynns Penny Lane07.01.1992H
Jalynns Perfect Small Town Boy03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Perfect Storm08.03.2007R  
Jalynns Perfectly Barkely15.10.2006R  
Jalynns Pheature Presentation23.04.2006H  
Jalynns Phoebe Phoebe07.11.2007H  
Jalynns Pipes of Peace30.10.1992R  
Jalynns Playruff at Blackstorm28.11.1998R  
Jalynns Polar Panda Bear08.03.2007R  
Jalynns Pooka In A Tuckamore20.04.2005H  
Jalynns Precious And Few11.06.1995H  
Jalynns Precious Lander07.11.2007R  
Jalynns Precious Moments28.12.1994H  
Jalynns Presidents Choice19.06.2001H  
Jalynns Prince Ponder de Rosa16.03.2002R  
Jalynns Pumpkin Surprise31.10.2005R  
Jalynns Queen Bodicea24.04.2011H  
Jalynns Rayne On Blackstrap23.11.2013H  
Jalynns Reason To Believe11.11.1994H  
Jalynns Rebeccah of Ambleside18.08.1999H  
Jalynns Reflections14.07.1994H  
Jalynns Renewal at Lovingdog14.11.2000H  
Jalynns Reuben James07.01.1992R  
Jalynns Revive A Dream24.04.2011H  
Jalynns Rise Up Hudson04.01.2010R  
Jalynns Rockey Mountain High08.11.2005R  
Jalynns Rocky Mountain High22.12.2002R  
Jalynns Rose Over Blackstrap28.11.2013H  
Jalynns Ruby Tuesday02.01.1992H  
Jalynns Ruff Justice11.04.2013R  
Jalynns Rufus Bear09.06.2008R  
Jalynns Ruthie Is A Babe04.05.2012H  
Jalynns Safe Harbour05.11.2004R  
Jalynns Sain To The Little Ways08.03.2007H  
Jalynns Salute To Lady Liberty30.09.2001H  
Jalynns Samson of Bellfree08.11.2005R  
Jalynns Scheherazade07.01.1992H  
Jalynns Seamans Pleasure26.01.2001R  
Jalynns Second Generation09.05.2014H  
Jalynns Sgt. Peppers Band20.07.1993R  
Jalynns Shades of Blue21.02.1991H  
Jalynns Shadow Dancer19.12.2002H  
Jalynns She´ll Take Manhattan19.11.1998H  
Jalynns Shining Rae at Dawn23.12.2007H  
Jalynns Signd Sealed Delivered28.08.2011H  
Jalynns Simply Irresistible28.12.1994H  
Jalynns Sinder Man30.09.2001R  
Jalynns Sir Nanook20.06.2009R  
Jalynns Sir Tupper Mummering15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Sittin´ On The Dock04.05.2012R  
Jalynns Sixth In Line28.11.2013R  
Jalynns Skylar at Two Colours30.01.1998H  
Jalynns Skylar Maynewf08.11.2004H  
Jalynns Snow Angel03.12.2001H  
Jalynns Some Kind of Wonderful20.10.1993H  
Jalynns Something About Molly09.01.2011H  
Jalynns Son of The Sea09.05.2014R  
Jalynns Sophie Lauren26.12.2009H  
Jalynns Southern Cross14.11.2000H  
Jalynns Special Angel04.11.1992H  
Jalynns Spelling Torrie04.01.2010H  
Jalynns Spirit In Toronto03.08.2000H  
Jalynns Spirit of Comox03.08.2000H  
Jalynns Spirit of The Whale11.04.2007H  
Jalynns Squid Jiggin´ Ground06.02.1996R  
Jalynns SS Days Delight22.12.2008H  
Jalynns SS Finley Rainbow22.12.2008R  
Jalynns SS Georgie Girl22.12.2008H  
Jalynns SS Jacks Or Better22.12.2008R  
Jalynns SS Me And Molly McGee02.04.2010H  
Jalynns SS Midnight Kiss22.12.2008H  
Jalynns SS Nuts And Bolt22.12.2008R  
Jalynns SS Our Man Sullivan02.04.2010R  
Jalynns SS Sailors Smudge22.12.2008R  
Jalynns SS Saphire22.12.2008H  
Jalynns SS Smooth Sailing02.04.2010R  
Jalynns SS Stella Belle02.04.2010H  
Jalynns SS Stout22.12.2008R  
Jalynns Starcrossed23.12.2007R  
Jalynns Stonewall Jackson04.01.2010R  
Jalynns Streetcar Named Desire23.04.2006H  
Jalynns Sultan of Swing14.07.1994R  
Jalynns Summer Breeze23.04.2006H  
Jalynns Sundance Kid12.06.2009R  
Jalynns Suzie Q07.01.1992H  
Jalynns Sweet As Candy15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Sweet Blessing01.02.2001R  
Jalynns Sweet City Woman03.08.2000H  
Jalynns Sweet Lexi23.11.2013H  
Jalynns Sweet Maggie Mae15.10.2006H  
Jalynns Sweet Pea07.11.2007H  
Jalynns Sweet Tartan08.11.2005H  
Jalynns Tahoe Destined03.08.2000R  
Jalynns Talking Bout My Friend04.05.2012R  
Jalynns Teachers Pet05.05.2014H  
Jalynns Teachers Pet02.08.2000R  
Jalynns The Best for Heirloom11.04.2013R  
Jalynns The Candy Man27.07.1996R  
Jalynns The Gift05.05.1993R  
Jalynns The Great Gatsby14.07.1994R  
Jalynns The Great Hugo12.06.2009R  
Jalynns The Great O´Mally08.11.2004R  
Jalynns The Great Zander30.09.2001R  
Jalynns The Jazz Singer04.11.1999H  
Jalynns The Little Sister02.08.2000H  
Jalynns The Music Man11.04.2013R  
Jalynns The Pied Piper09.05.2014H  
Jalynns The Rising Son11.06.1995R  
Jalynns The Sign of Artorius09.05.2014R  
Jalynns The Sky Is The Limit12.06.2009R  
Jalynns The Spirit of Sally15.06.2008R  
Jalynns This Magic Moment30.10.1992R  
Jalynns Those Were The Days08.11.2004H  
Jalynns Tiamat Princess19.11.1998H  
Jalynns To The Summit09.02.2005R  
Jalynns Top Gun30.07.2015R  
Jalynns Travelin´ Gal09.06.2008H  
Jalynns Travelling Star03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Travelling Wilburys03.12.2001R  
Jalynns Trepasey Moss Budy16.03.2002R  
Jalynns Trick Or Treat31.10.2005R  
Jalynns Triple Threat18.12.2012H  
Jalynns Triton With Magnum Force09.06.2008R  
Jalynns True Statesman02.01.2003R  
Jalynns True To My Roots15.06.2008R  
Jalynns Tululah Filly14.11.2000H  
Jalynns Unsinkable Molly Brown19.11.1998H  
Jalynns Up Where We Belong14.07.1994H  
Jalynns Ursli Bear07.11.2007H  
Jalynns Very Yogi Bear09.06.2008R  
Jalynns Waltzing Matilda23.12.2007H  
Jalynns Wave Tracker Too19.06.2001R  
Jalynns West Coast Storm20.04.2005R  
Jalynns Whale of A Tale11.11.1994R  
Jalynns What Katie Didy26.11.2014H  
Jalynns Wichanninish Wind19.03.2000H  
Jalynns Wild Isla Rose07.11.2007H  
Jalynns William of Ave Fairfax19.06.2001R  
Jalynns Willie Winka09.06.2008R  
Jalynns Witchy Knickers31.10.2005H  
Jalynns Witchy Woman31.10.2005H  
Jalynns With Great Justo05.05.2014R  
Jalynns Worth The Wait09.05.2014R  
Jalynns You Had Me at Hello28.11.2013R  
Jalynns Zoe It Is23.11.2013H  
Jalynns Zoe You Say08.11.2005H  

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