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Kennel Karableu (USA)

93 dogs of this Kennel in our database
Bonnie Bays Pretty Girl10/15/1996H  
Dancing Bears Karableu Clipper05/08/1995R  
Dancing Bears Orphan Annie10/04/1997H  
Grizzley Mink10/25/2004R  
Karableu E Oceanos A Story To Tell11/16/2013R  
Karableu Oceano Archangel Zerachiel03/31/2016R  
Karableu Oceano Chase What Matters03/31/2016R  
Karableu Oceano Madam I´m Adam03/31/2016R  
Karableus Absolut Tugboat05/28/1996R  
Karableus Amelia Airheart05/30/1999H  
Karableus Bailey07/29/2002R  
Karableus Ben-Clan Donnachaidh10/04/2006R  
Karableus Benvoglia06/16/2010H  
Karableus Beyond The Seas06/16/2010R  
Karableus Biggs Best Girl06/26/1994H  
Karableus Breaking Waves06/16/2010H  
Karableus Buffalo Bill Cody05/28/1996R  
Karableus Burma04/18/2003H  
Karableus Cinnamon Girl07/29/2002H  
Karableus Coming On Strong10/04/2006R  
Karableus Cooper06/26/1994R  
Karableus Cooper The Super10/04/2006R  
Karableus Cosmo05/08/1995R  
Karableus Curious George04/18/2003R  
Karableus Dancing Bear08/12/1993R  
Karableus Dark Hero05/28/1996R  
Karableus Double Mocha To Go10/04/1997  
Karableus Dream Shadow04/18/2003R  
Karableus Emma Bonnyface05/28/1996H  
Karableus Evok-N So Much More04/20/2012R  
Karableus Eyes of Branford10/04/1997R  
Karableus Gentle Giant of Landana Meadow06/16/2010H  
Karableus Good Buddy Boomer08/12/1993R  
Karableus Green Bay Packer for Brett Favre04/20/2012R  
Karableus Guardian Angel04/18/2003H  
Karableus Halcyon Days05/08/1995R  
Karableus Here Comes Trouble Too10/15/1996H  
Karableus Here We Go Again01/12/1999H  
Karableus High-Five Oliver11/16/2013R  
Karableus II10/04/2006R  
Karableus Ikaika Koa10/25/2004H  
Karableus Kira of Cheyenne05/11/1989H  
Karableus Kodiak Bear04/18/2003R  
Karableus Kodie06/26/1994H  
Karableus Lady Emmanuelle05/30/1999H  
Karableus Lady Lucy05/11/1989H  
Karableus Little Miracle Theoadorable11/16/2013R  
Karableus Lord Nelson05/28/1996R  
Karableus Lucky The Happy Dog10/04/2006R  
Karableus Madam I´m Adam01/12/1999R  
Karableus Magilla Gorilla07/29/2002H  
Karableus Main Sail Mearacle10/04/2006H  
Karableus Maxmillian05/28/1996R  
Karableus Maxwell Smaxwell06/26/1994R  
Karableus Mia Bear04/18/2003H  
Karableus Midnight Kalya05/11/1989H  
Karableus Mighty Excalibur06/26/1994R  
Karableus Moonshadow Scout01/12/1999H  
Karableus Murphy Brown05/08/1995H  
Karableus Ocean Breeze04/18/2003R  
Karableus Only Wanna Be With You07/29/2002R
Karableus Petite Soeur Aliah04/20/2012H  
Karableus Pride And Joy05/08/1995R
Karableus Rounding Third06/16/2010R  
Karableus Sapphire Mhoon05/11/1989H  
Karableus Satchmo Starchild08/12/1993R  
Karableus Seacrest Breeze01/12/1999H  
Karableus Seacrest Jazz Man10/25/2004R  
Karableus Seacrest Midnite Mariner01/12/1999R  
Karableus Seacrest Miss-Sea10/25/2004H  
Karableus Sentimental Jurnee11/24/2013H  
Karableus She Walks In Beauty10/04/1997H  
Karableus Sierra04/18/2003H  
Karableus Sir Jack Falstaff05/08/1995R  
Karableus Spirit of The Wind07/29/2002H  
Karableus Sweet Maddie Brown10/04/1997H  
Karableus Sweet Mahal05/28/1996H  
Karableus Tallulah Belle04/20/2012H  
Karableus Tanned And Ready05/08/1995R  
Karableus Thorvald Busterson05/08/1995R  
Karableus Tryst With Darbydale04/20/2012R  
Karableus Wait N-Sea06/16/2010H  
Karableus Winston C08/12/1993R
Katelyn of Karableu05/28/1996H  
Livengood Curries Lord Bear10/04/1997R  
Oceano E Karableus Minuit A Paris01/20/2015H  
Oceano E Karableus Sterling Ltd Edition 01/05/2011R  
Seacrests Cape Hatteras07/29/2002H  
Seacrests First Born Son07/29/2002R
Seacrests Harbrmastr Karableu10/04/1997R  
Seacrests Maidnvoyag Karableu10/04/1997H  

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