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How to use the database:

- please print minimum 3 letters, you shall get all names, which contain this flow, if you get a red sentence, then there are more than 200 possibilities, please try to specify your search

- don´t care, if you are not able to type an ä, ö or ü, please try it without the two dots: a, o or u, you shall get all results together with ä, ö and ü!

- sometimes there are some difficulties with foreign names, e. g. original: Björnegårdens
sometimes: Björnegaardens or Björnegardens
original: Pouch Cove
sometimes: Pouchcove

If you don´t have any success, please try different spellings or only a part of the name, but minimum 3 letters. It is also very easy to search about the A-Z Kennel names.We don´t use the ´s any more at the end of the kennel names.

Sometimes the name of one kennel is written very different, e. g. Newton-Ark, Newtonark, Newton Ark. We tried to make them all the same, it would be the best, to search via A to Z kennel names.

Unfortunately lots of these very old breeding records (that means the original books, which show data about our early dogs, wherefrom we are taking information - and this seems to be a problem of all countries) contain several mistakes. We try to make everything visible. If from the parents there is only mentioned e. g.: sire Leo - dam Nelly, and there is the possibilty of 5 to 6 Leos and Nellies (or Nellys), we didn´t make them to brothers and sisters, perhaps sometimes a mistake, but as we don´t know exactly, we are feeling, that that could not be a good solution. As we are starting in the past, sometimes later issues will help and solve the questions…

At the moment the color information is still not translated, because there had been so many different spellings in the past, it will follow as soon as possible...

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