Ausstellung Spata CACIB (GR) 12.10.2014

Boatswains Diamond Fashion Queen

Katalognr: 145
Bewertung: vielversprechend
Klasse: Jüngsten
Richter: Attila Czeglédi (HU)
Anwartschaft: Best Puppy
Bericht: Well developed for her age, feminine head, not finished in its proportions, nice parallel front legs, very nice front angulations, developing ribcage, very nice rear angulations, a bit soft topline, nice temperament, easy flexible drought.

Rising Star Midnight Bear

Katalognr: 146
Bewertung: vorzüglich
Klasse: Jugend
Richter: Attila Czeglédi (HU)
Anwartschaft: CAJC, Best Junior
Bericht: Middle sized bitch, good in substance, I would like more correct outline with firmer topline, well proportioned head to the body, straight front legs, nice neck, big enough ribcage, moderate bone, well let down hocks, sound mover, topline is better but not perfect in movement.