Ausstellung Budweis CACIB (CZ) 20.04.2008

Dares od Trojske skaly

Katalognr: 2254
Bewertung: V2
Klasse: Champion
Richter: Jiri Janda (CZ)
Anwartschaft: CAC-R
Bericht: Very typical big dog, strong chest and thorax, slightly looser lips, teeth, without comment, a spacious trunk and movement, but a dynamic presentation would benefit from a higher head carriage.

Fabricius od Trojske skaly

Katalognr: 2552
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Offene
Richter: Jiri Janda (CZ)
Anwartschaft: CAC, CACIB
Bericht: Very harmonious dog who at first glance through its massive bulk of a very light movement with a nice carrying of noble head, correct dentition, well set ears, a beautiful chest and depth of the chest with a mighty excellent angulation front and rear, contributing significantly its harmonic, deep black hair, perfect color, for praise is walking parallel hindquarters.